Reloading Podcast 155 - questions

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Tonight the guys are covering more questions.

  1. Ryan voicemail

    1. Accurate Molds

  2. hey guys love the podcast and like always really good information for the newbies like me! i have been on the reloading bench for about 6 to 9 months using a combination of hornady classic single stage press, rcbs, hornady and Lee dies,  I started with 223 Rem and 5.56 mainly for varmint hunting coyotes and such, i purchased the deluxe Lee set with the collet for my 6.5 Creedmoor m10 savage! i shot factory ammo to sighting in my scope and to save the brass for reloading, i have a two part question first after i setup my sizing and decapping die i've notice after i lube the cases still hard to run the case through the sizing die, 8 can still run it but i have to put a lot of lube i'm  using the Lyman lube and lube pad for this process is this normal for brand new dies? , also the fired  primers are falling away from the press not into the catch bin how is there a way to fix this? thanks guys for all the info you all put out there and looking forward to the next podcast!!!!

  3. I’ve been getting  caught up on podcasts and I just listened to #146 Bullets and Boolits
    During this podcast you were discussing not needing to lube boolits that have powder coating.
    I do not remember the number but I remember a podcast (maybe about a year ago) that Jeremy was talking about painting his cast rifle boolits. My question is can you paint or powder coat interchangeably, or is the painting just to reduce leading and does not eliminate the lube process?

    Thank you for your time and the podcast, Chris



Two reloading tips tumbling pins and double charges

To prevent double charges on a single stage, turn the shell upside down right before your charge.

I use compressed air to blow water and remaining pins out of pin tumbled hulls, it works.


Your show is outstanding, I listen every week.

Thanks Bud



In the primer episode there was a fairly extensive discussion on getting a precise shoulder bump on rifle brass. After listening to the first interview with Robin Sharpless, I invested in a set of Redding competition dies and the competition shell holders. With the shell holders you can take all the guesswork out of adjusting the die by screwing in and out. You simply set the die for a full cam-over, measure, and select the shell holder that corresponds to the additional length you need. This has saved me a ton of time when full length sizing and is extremely repeatable.


Thanks for keeping up with the podcast and the providing the wealth of information on the show each week



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