Reloading Podcast 154 - Gary from Dillon Precision

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are talking with Gary from Dillon Precision.

  1. company history,

  2. the different presses and year of release, and then a bit about each major piece of equipment, (presses, case prep, etc.) that is in the lineup.

  3. And maybe some of the changes that have prompted the minor name changes on a couple of the presses.  

  4. Also how many different calibers you make dies for and

  5. If you offer custom services at all.  

  6. Other Dillon products? Mini guns?

  7. Booth #

  8. Hey guys,
    I am having an issue when I try to deprime my cases where the bottom portion of the primer cup opens up like a can of beans and leaves the sides stuck in the case.  This happened a couple of times out of thousands of 9mm so I didn't take much note of it, but when depriming my wife's 38 special cowboy loads it occurred approximately 1 out of every 10.  I had never taken note of it before and was wondering if you knew what was causing this and how I may be able to avoid it in the future.

    I attached a photo for reference.   

    I am using a Hornady LNL AP progressive press with a Lee Universal Decapping Die.

    Thanks for the great show,
    Mike (New Shooter Canada)





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