Reloading Podcast 153 - Powder questions from Reloading, reloaded

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Tonight the guys are answering a couple follow up questions about powder.

  1. Hey guys!  Love the show.  Found your podcast randomly and have been burning through episodes while I reload and do case prep. I've noticed a topic with new reloaders you may want to address on an upcoming show.  The topic:  Powder measurement facts and fiction.  On numerous reloading groups on FB and other reloading forums I see new reloaders spinning their wheels because they're using a volumetric measurement device and then weighing their charges and getting conflicting and inconsistent data.  I saw a guy on a page who went to the extent of using a powder thrower then would use his beam scale to verify his charge, then would verify that charge with a reloading brand digital scale, and would then verify that scale with another digital scale.  Wow, that must take a while to load ammo!

    Some talking points I thought of:
    1. Difference between volumetric measurement and weight measurement(powder density)
    2. What applications should you use a digital scale to weigh your powder charges to .01 or .001 of a grain
    3.  What powders measure accurately in volumetric measurement devices(pistol and rifle powder)  Some powders to be wary of due to inconsistent powder throws (powder bridging)
    4. Acceptable charge variance due to volumetric measurement for different shooting applications (plinking, pistol competition, rifle competition, hunting)
    5. Powder baffles fact or fiction
    6. How often should you verify a volumetric powder measuring device to ensure it is throwing an accurate charge during a reloading session.
    7. Facts and Myths of removing static charge from powder hoppers to get consistent throws. (Dryer sheet - Electrically grounding my press).

    Thanks again for the great show you guys are doing great work!  I really enjoy the interviews with people within the reloading industry!  Any chance of getting anyone from Lee Precision on?  I heard a rumor they may be releasing a 4 station progressive press soon, may be game changer!
    Jared from the podcast facebook page.






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Title: Entertaining and informative

Review: Love listening to you guys every week. Especially Jason, he's awesome>


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Review: Lots of info. Enjoy the just friends just sitting and talking reloading. Love the fact that it's lee products to Dillon, not brand specific. Thank you, give us more. Steve in Washington

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