Reloading Podcast 147 - primers don't go nuclear

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Tonight the guys are talking primers.

  1. Does it really matter?

  2. Why different types?

  3. Why does it fall out after seating?

  4. Do I have to seat on the press?

  5. What about shotshells?



The hollow base pistol bullet acts a bit like a skirt on an air rifle pellet in that it creates drag and causes the bullet to stabilise better. ie drag at the back of a bullet pulls the back backwards and the dense front wants to go forwards.

Longer bullets (rifle bullets) are less stable which is why they need to be spun faster. As a bullet flies through the air is pressing back at a huge pressure. This makes the bullet try to tumble. Spinning the bullet makes it spin like a top and that gives it stability.

If you want, you can think of trying to balance a rod on a desk. The longer the rod, the less stable it is. You can give that rod stability by spinning it (like how spinning a top gives stability). The longer the bullet, the faster you need to spin the bullet to get that top spinning effect.

A 150gn bullet coming out of a 308 Win is spinning at over 200,000 rpm.

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