Reloading Podcast 143 - What equipment do I need

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are discussing equipment needs with guest host Ben.

  1. Single vs Turret vs Progressive

  2. Brand

  3. Used vs new

  4. What else

  5. Extra tools

  6. Subject: Fire Forming & Maximum chamber pressures from Robert
    I am new to reloading and have been enjoying your podcast since I found it 2 months ago.
    I was trying to make sense of some things I’ve heard about fire forming brass.
    On an earlier podcast it was mentioned: Load the cartridge (I assumed with a reduced load) and seal it with a plug “COW?" (in place of the projectile), forgot what material was mentioned on the podcast.  Then fire your rounds to fire form them.
    It seemed to me that using a plug in place of a heavier projectile will not create the maximum SAAMI chamber pressures, so . . . the article I reference below suggests the case-head may not be “completely” driven back against the bolt face, and you still might have a “slight” amount of excess head space.

  7. This is the email question Mike was referring to, but actually it was a facebook post from Craig.           Hey guys looking into. reloading and just listened to your latest podcast about reloading for the beginner. I was looking at one of the single stage machines but one of the guys on your podcast mentioned the Dillon 650. I watched some videos on that last night and it looks awesome. I'm getting into competition shooting and need to turn out bullets quickly. However I have never reloaded. what do you recommend? Thanks guys I loved the podcast!




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