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Tonight the guys are answering some more questions.

  1. To start off with I had an armalite .223 wylde chamber and I lost it in a divorce it would produce 3/8" groups at 100 . I now have a Smith & Wesson M and P 15T marked 5.56 NATO.
    I am very unhappy with the grouping and I know it's not a Precision gun but I'm trying to make it that. Here's my question
    Should I be resizing my brass every time I shoot or should I just resize the neck ?
    Also I've noticed I'm getting some blowback on the outside of the neck like carbon on the casings and yes my case length is 1.760  Brian

  2. I was listening to the "Should I Sort" podcast today and you guys made an interesting comment about powder charge weights...grains vs grams.
    After Trevor piqued my interest in Cam-Pro projectiles, I went to their web site, and while snooping around I came across a link to some reloading data. Sure enough, it was listed in both grains and grams. I've never seen grams, (metric), used as a powder charge unit of measure, but it's never been on my radar either. Alas, the Cam Pro pills don't seem to be available in the States...oh well.
    On the subject of sorting .222/5.56 brass I've given up segregating Lake City brass by years. Waaayyyy too much hassle for brass that is consistent enough for my purposes of reloading range ammo. I used to sort by year but that was overkill in my humble opinion. As in beer brewing, one can become "geeked-out" over very small details. I know, I know, the devil's in the details, but when reloading plinking or range ammo, a tenth of a grain powder or a thousandth of case or COL length is chasing minimal return investment of time. Don't get me wrong. Max is max, period. Same with minimum size and powder charge.
    For perspective, a human hair is between .002" and .006", a business card is about, (or aboot for Trevor), .010", and a credit card is about .030" thick. I do however sort my brass, across all calibers, by headstamp for ease of trimming, sizing, and bullet seating. That's the big payoff for me in time. Keep in mind, I'm a devoted hobbyist, not a competitor or sniper. YMMV.
    Keep up the great, work. Your content and production are improving all the time.

  3. Mike and gang. I tried sending an email but having server problems.  I wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas.  I appreciate every one of you as you have the perfect mix of personality and expertise.  Thanks for the gift of knowledge and entertainment that you share with the reloading community.  And Jeremy,  me being from Alaska, I think all of you as southerners  even Trevor.  Keep up the good work Mike,  Jim,  Jason,  Jeremy and Trevor.  An avid devotee and listener  Russ

  4. I am struggling a bit with headspace gauges. I reload for 5.56, .308, and 6.5 creedmoor. I would consider myself a novice. My question is that after I fire my .308 or 6.5, the fired and unsized cases will fit into my LE Wilson and Dillon headspace gauges respectively. The case heads are flush with the gauge as should be when properly headspaced. However, after firing my M4(5.56 service issued) the cases protrude from the top of the headspace gauge. Does this mean anything? Why do the other calibers fit back into the headspace gauges before being resized but the 5.56 does not? I realize the headspace gauge is for resized cases and I've always checked my cases after resizing and reloading. I just happened to discover this and was confused as to why or if it meant my 5.56 reloads were incorrectly headspaced? Thanks, Steve

  5. So, I’m about to start loading for my bolt gun, Savage 243 win. Looking at picking up a box of Berger Hybrid 105gr...
    My thought is. Starting off about .007" -.010" off my lands... would this be a good starting point? Or should i give it a little more room to breathe?  Eric From the Reloading room




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