Reloading Podcast 138 - Ackley question

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Tonight the guys are answer an Ackley question.

  1. Google voice from Kevin

    1. Talking about .45 acp

    2. Talking about personal experience with sabots

  2. Ackley Improved - 2 part question.
    When re-chambering a factory chamber to an AI chamber, of the same caliber, what is the starting load for 'full house' loads? I plan to load 3 shots per charge node, going in .5 grain increments, to fireform and watch for pressure signs.
    2nd part - when loading for a non-factory chambering, i.e. - 17-204, 20-223AI, 22-243AI, etc. where do you begin your starting loads? There must be some 'rule of thumb' for where begin your starting charges for either situation.that helps to keep from undercharging as well as a safe beginning point. IIRC, i have heard told that a max charge for the non-AI chamber is a good start for the ackley chamber charge. I appreciate any info..  Dale H (from the Reloading Room on Facebook)

    1. P.O. Ackley wikipedia

    2. Gun digest P.O. Ackley cartridge list

  3. I'm very new to reloading and would like more options of places to buy components other than Cabela's, I know there must be a ton of other websites to buy from, please comment what you all use. Thanks for your help. Steven (from The Reloading Room on Facebook)


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