Reloading Podcast 137 - should I sort

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are answering a couple more questions.

  1. Sorting Brass question. Being new to reloading I see a lot of folks talk about separating Brass by headstamp. In some ways I understand this for the precision aspect. With the recent purchase of the term once fired 223 Brass I have several different head stamps from different manufactures and then within that lot numbers. The big issue I see is the actual length of the spent Brass after the depriming process and then the full length re-size to 20 Tactical. The big issues is case length. Most of the Brass has 1.766+ length so I'm trimming the Brass to 1.753+-. The Brass with a head stamp of FC is constantly having a length of 1.74+-. The Brass will be used for plinking and for small game/varmint. Do I need to be concerned about separating Brass by headstamp? I'm separating by case length so I can load to the recommended COL for Hornady V MAX 32 grain.
    Thanks in advance for you comments. Roger

  2. Sabot follow up

    1. Hello,  my name is Dustin.  How about a .22 caliber sabot to get it down to .17 cal?  I built myself a .22 CHeetah MK1 which already launches a 40 grain v max at 4500 fps. Unfortunately the v Max's don't hold up to much more than 4500 fps even in my 1-14 twist barrel.  I'd be curious to see what I could get a .17 caliber to do!?

    2. I have two answers to the question one that is practical and one that would just be cool.
      Practical Sabot. OD 30 cal ID .284 cal. I think this would be a practical combo because almost every 30 cal has a 1:10 twist rate or better so many 284 projectiles will work great not to mention  7mm has a better b.c. aka your 30-06 is now a 7mm rem mag, your 308 win is now a 7mm-08, your ak is now good out to 600, etc. Let's not forget that you have fewer throat erosion issues than you would have from the 7mm versions.
      Cool Sabot. OD 338 cal ID . 284 cal. I think this would be cool because let's be honest a load capable of 1.5 miles while still supersonic is impressive no matter who you are. To do this however you would likely need a custom barrel to get the twist rate correct which makes it impractical for many but wouldn't it be fun to have a gun that can put down everything except a 50 that you can have for less than 2 grand.
      Keep up the good work,

  3. Hey guys,
    I really enjoy the podcast I found it and have been catching up over the past month or so. I really appreciate all the great information with good laughs in between. Hang in there Jim, don't let em give you too much flak!
    As for my question- I just started reloading for 45 colt and noticed a variety of diameters. .452 all the way up to .458 I purchased some .452 lead 250 grain round nose. How do I find out which diameter my gun needs? If the .452 is too small what problems if any will I have? As far as I can tell (with the help of information from previous podcasts) I assume if the bullets are too small I will have more leading.
    Thank and keep up the good work,


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