Reloading Podcast 133 - How to choose a pill

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are talking about bullet selection for a new load.  

  1. Great show, lots of good info. I'm curious when you start loading a new caliber how do you decide a bullet weight to start with? Jim   Ballistic Coefficient link

  2. Stuck primers

    1. Hi Guys,
      Here is a show problem I've come across.
      I have been using the Lee universal decapping die and it is getting stuck on Speer brass. I've noticed this on both 9mm and 357sig.  The 357sig also gets stuck on the Hornady decapping/sizing die due to flash hole size.  Any recommendations on how to resolve this problem.
      Here is what I've done.
      The Lee pin is .072 I have a Lyman 44 Die set pin size is .060 that works to decap the brass #47 drill bit .0785 fits in flash hole of non Speer brass in 9mm and 357sig as well as 45 acp, 32 acp, 38spl and 5.56 brass, agree or disagree with what I'm thinking thanks, Greg

    2. Dear Reloaders,
      Thanks for addressing my question on the sticking primers (sticking to decapping pin). To give you some feedback, squaring off the tip did not help. This is what Hornady suggested. However, using a Dremel tool and grinding it to more of a smaller diameter point and polishing the S**T out of it did help. I have deprimed 200 rounds now without any issues Frank

  3. I want to share an idea with you guys. On episode 132 you were talking about 45acp with small primers. For the last few years I would separate the spp 45 brass and when I had a thousand or so I would trade them off to someone with lpp brass. . After the 2013 shortage I found a good use to keep a couple thousand spp brass in stock. I could not find large primers for months and ended up using what small primer brass I had Craig

  4. heard mike say he was loading while on hold , thought I was the only one that did that . Also happy retirement Jim From John A.

  5. Precision Prep Tool review

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