Reloading Podcast 132 - a shorty

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are having a short show.

  1. Hello,
    I have a question about viable powders for 80 and 90gr SMK. I have started shooting F-Class T/R and while Varget is hard to come by, it had been my powder of choice.
    What other Hodgdon/IMR powders would be preferred for the bullet weight listed above?
    Keep in mind, I'm not asking for load data, just powder options for a good blend of accuracy and velocity.
    My rifle is a Savage 12 F-T/R, 30" barrel, LC brass, and CCI small rifle primers.
    Also, as stated above, it (the options) needs to be a Hodgdon/IMR brand.
    Thanks in advance and I appreciate your input as well as listening to your podcasts!

    1. Shawn, the powder I like in my .223 for FTR and the one that has given me constant results in my FTR rifles in both .223 and .308 is an Alliant powder.
      I've had ok results with CFE223, but nowhere near as good as Alliant 2000MR. Heck, I've even tested Varget and had ok results, but nothing as good as 2000MR. Never got very good accuracy with Varget in several cartridges.
      With 2000MR, the accuracy actually gets better as you increase the charge size. So not only do you get great accuracy near the top, but great velocity as well.
      2000MR meters great as well since it's like a squashed ball powder. You can easily load with it on a progressive or throw with a powder measure. Jeremy

  2. Brandon
    In podcast #120 plunk it, you talked about a 10 shot pistol competition where you send in your target.  Dj you have more info on that?  I suspect it might be done already but was hoping to have info should another one come up.  Thanks and just recently started listening. Love the show already Squirrels Friends target

  3. Hi. I'm in England and listen to your podcasts while I'm at work (I'm a wildlife ranger), I just wanted to say thanks for covering the basics as well as the advanced stuff. I've learned a lot from you guys! Glen

  4. I am reloading .45 acp and had mostly large primer casings. I have finished all of them and now going to load the few small primers I have. My question is do I need to change the amount of powder I am using? Doug.










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