Reloading Podcast 131 - sticking primers

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Tonight the guys are answering more questions.

  1. Name: Frank V
    Subject: Depriming 9mm cases
    Message: I love your show! Hopefully, you can address this question.
    I have been reloading about ten pistol and rifle cartridges for two years using a HORNADY single stage press. I am considering going to a progressive press but have one reservation. When sizing and depriming 9 mm cases, it sometimes takes two "strokes" to unseat the spent primer. What I believe happens is that on the first stroke, the primer is punched out but "wraps" itself around the decapping pin only to be pulled back in the primer pocket on the upward stroke. It happens maybe 20% of the time. I called HORNADY about this a year ago and followed their advice to grind and flatten the decapping pin. This helped but did not eliminate the problem. My concern is that this would happen on a progressive (requiring two strokes to unseat the primer). This ONLY happens on 9 mm.

  2. Name: Steven K.
    Subject: Measuring to the lands Ep 125
    Love the podcast guys, keep it up. My question is about my savage model 12 22-250 now before anything I have found a seating depth that my rifle likes but my question is when I was measuring my lands with my hornady OAL gauge I found that when I push the bullet into touch the lands there is a spot which I'm assuming is the throat of my gun where the bullet has some resistance and then I would say maybe .150 it feels like it clicks in and the bullet won't go any further. And you can plainly see a shiny spot on the bullet when pulled out. And it's with any bullet I try Sierra, Berger, Nosler etc i've measured a few friends rifles using same tools and they don't have that spot that I have in my rifle, is this normal, my gun shoots excellent so I'm not too worried about it just thought maybe there is explanation for it and maybe a few other listeners have come across this, thanks guys.


    1. Just listening to #128. What a hoot! Funniest one in a long time. A comment on the auto powder dispensing systems. I use a PACT that is about 20 years old. It has it's drawbacks. It doesn't like fine grained ball powders. It is not as fast as a manual dispenser for multiple charges of the same volume. But where it shines is throwing multiple charges of various weights. i.e. Ladder loads. Especially with extruded powders that don't throw so consistently. Check them out, I wouldn't trade mine!
      P.S. One key to accurate measurement is allow the scale to warm up for 20 minutes or so.

    2. Guys I listened to last weeks podcast and heard the call for help on some things. I remembered there was two questions I could answer for. For the reduced and or subsonic loads here is some info. The one I think you were looking for. I shoot a lot of reduced with TB and also 4895. A lot of time I will use Unique and Red Dot for those since I have older data before companies started removing. I will upload what I have for you guys.
      H4895 Reduced Rifle Loads.pdf
      These are from the vendors so not my data. Also have a loading manual that Jim has probably seen with loads for pistol powders in rifle if you want.
      The manual I have is from 1980 3rd edition Lymans cast bullet handbook if interested.
      For the H4895 handbook also they confirmed that can be done with IMR4895 when I called as same powder they said like 110 and 296.
      I will try to re listen and answer anything else I forgot.
      If you have any questions please let me know.
      ohh the 45-70 question. Red Dot or Unique with some fill on top of powder. Accurate out to 200 yds I have tried and even hit at 300 but drop was a factor with 405. I knew there was something else. I do a lot of light loads in 45-70 for people since the kick is like a mule out of modern. Sorry for so many messages.

    3. Hi Guys, I drive truck for a regional supermarket chain and really enjoy listening to your podcasts while going  up and down the road.  Recently you were asked about how to get someone started in reloading.  I think you were right on the ball with the reasons of economics and being able to build something better than run of the mill factory ammo.  All but 1 of the deer I have killed have been taken with reloaded 44 mag ammo with bullets that I have cast.  Initially to keep costs down and to see if reloading was something that I would enjoy, I purchased 2 Lee classic loaders that you use a hammer with to assemble your ammunition.  Sounds crude and ridiculous, but they worked great.  I now use a Dillon XL650 and a Lee O frame single stage.  Keep up the good work.  Look forward to listening to you more in the future. - Jim

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    6. So I have a problem, I'm reloading 223 rem. using Hodgdon Varget powder, CCI primers, rem casing. My problem is that I want to use Hornady 55gr FMJ-BT but I can not find any reloading data?? The rifle that I'm using is a Ruger mini 14 target. Could anyone out there help. Thanks.







Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Title: Great podcast
Review: Love the shows. Great information on the process and how to make the process easier. I like learning from other's mistakes and problems.


EG from Michigan
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Title: Mildly Entertaining, Lacking Detail

Review: I have added and removed his podcast 2 times now. Seems to get off topic too often. Poor job of answering questions without supporting facts. Far too much boasting of long range shots as well as boasting of sub MOA shooting without details of how anything was accomplished. Get back on track, stay on topic, and get someone on board who knows how to answer questions





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