Reloading Podcast 128 - Old man dribbling

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Tonight the guys are answering some more questions.

  1. Subject: Powder Dispenser from Ralph
    Message: I'm starting to load rifle .308, after several years of reloading pistol ammo. I'd like to hear your experiences with different auto powder measures. A scale and Lee scoop is working, but is way too slow for any type of volume. Keep up the great work on the show.

  2. Subject: Info about Pacific brand single stage press from Steven
    Message: Gentleman, I have been listening for about 6 months now and look forward to hearing the next episode each week. Here is my question. My father, who has been reloading since he was a police reservists in the mid '70s, has acquired for me a Pacific single stage press. Since he has to ship it to me, I don't have it yet, but when I get it what do I have to do to ensure I get another 40 years use?

  3. Powder drop issues

    1. I too had the powder drop issue on my Dillon 650XL. After hours of searching blogs and YouTube, I found that it was happening most when the powder charge bar has reached its max capacity. The issue went always after switching to the large powder charge bar.
      I hope this helps.


    2. Hi;
      I just wanted to get back to Jim and Jason and let them know that if one or both of them are having a dribbling problem, they sell Depends at Walmart …… Oh wait, they were talking about the Dillon powder measure dribbling!  Ok, Yes - I have a 550B and have experienced the same issue.  The only way I have found to at least somewhat mitigate it was to bear down on the adjust screw for the linkage connecting the ram plate to the powder measure bar - i.e.. tighten it far beyond the suggested point listed in the manual.  That seems to speed up the return of the bar, thereby minimizing the dribbling!  However, I still get a little, but not as much as before.  I hope that is helpful.  Oh, and they have medications for the other problem if Jim or Jason need additional help!
      Your loyal podcast listener,




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