Reloading Podcast 126 - A call for help

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  Tonight the guys are getting more questions, and asking for help… (no not that type of help…)


  1. Pedee from Idaho Google Voice…

    1. Hi there. This is Pd. From Idaho great show guys keep it up my question is what is your ideal situation to bring in a new reloader.. I've got a friend who knows nothing about guns or reloading and I'd like to introduce them to the hobby in a safe and controlled way. Can you list some of your positive experience for a suggested scheduled to show someone the ropes? Thanks again? Keep up the good work. Bye.

  2. Hi Guys
    I am looking to do some subsonic loads for my 30-06.
    I listen regular to your podcast and thought you might had done a episode on subsonic loads, but I cannot find any ?
    Would you consider to do a episode around this ?
    Seems like Trail Boss is the way to go with running the numbers in the Quick Load application.
    But sometimes there is more to it than you can figure out yourself. So a show that get all around the risks and tips of loading subsonic would be great.
    all the way from the small country Denmark in the Northern europe :-)

  3. Hi Mike, Keith, here  from Trevor,  WI. I've been listening  to the podcast for about 3 months now.  I'm strongly  interested  in loading unpublished  wildcat loads. In particular something called a 20 practical.. I'd like to hear what the process would be if I didn't have access to a pressure reading device. And where to start with a safe minimum charge. Just like as if a bullet or powder manufacturer would do to publish a load data for a new cartridge.

  4. From a gentleman by the name of Adam Grapes, this was taken out of the Reloading live itself. “Whats a good load for a REALLY soft shooting 45-70 using a 405gr projectile?”


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