Reloading Podcast 124 - casting and plunking

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  Tonight the guys are answering questions with some help.


  1. Love the show, Been listening for over a year now. I have dabbled in the past with bullet casting. Recently having had a baby I have a need to further reduce my shooting costs, and have been getting more into casting. My question is in relation to the practical differences between aluminum (ie Lee) and Cast Iron (ie Saeco) bullet molds. It would be great if you could do a segment in the show discussing this, or even better have Robin Sharpless(not sure if I got the name exactly right) from Redding come on again for the discussion.
    Thanks for the great show and all the great info, you guys have definitely helped me go to the next level on much of my old reloading practices,

  2. Hey guys I was listening to your podcast on the drive in as I often do, you are either part of my commute or part of my casting. Anyway, I heard you talking about the "Plunk" test in regards to a question from Peetey. It is my understanding that the plunk test is different for cast than FMJ. For cast, the case head should not be below the barrel hood, but rather even with it. That is what I do as a result of sizing .001 - .0015 over GROOVE diameter and it works for me. If the case head ends up being proud of the barrel hood, then I can run into issues with the gun not going fully into battery and the cartridge getting stuck in the chamber. A little pop with a brass rod (no hammer) will pop it out. This doesn't happen much, but it will when I am messing with seating depth Generally using the "cleaning rod method" to check for COAL helps eliminate that, but.....Anyway, keep it up. Love your show and hope you don't think I am picking nits here. Just a thought I would have expressed if I was in the room with you when you said it. :)


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