Reloading Podcast 123 - Loading for hunting pt II

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.  

Tonight the guys are talking about loading for hunting.

  1. What's the process?

  2. Are the component choices different?

  3. What are you looking for out of the cartridge?

  4. Tips

  5. Listener questions from Shawn.

    1. Brass prep voodoo.  Is there a measurable difference gained by neck turning, messing with neck tension bushings, primer pocket uniforming, sorting by weight or capacity?  If so, what is the measured gain and should anyone but die-hard Benchrest competitors be doing it?  What is the difference in a fully prepped case vs sized and trimmed for a .223 at 200 yards?  Or .308 at 400 yards?  Is a .25 inch, .10 or less?  I got it that it differs per rifle/shooter, but you can at least give us a ballpark or even just one example.


Reviews:Kris P.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: My ammo doesn't come in boxes anymore

Review: After the recent completion of a couple of"sport utility rifles,"I found myself shooting through significantly more ammo than I used to. I've reloaded for shotguns for a couple of decades, but never messed with brass. After a few weeks of listening to old episodes, I bought a press and a fair bit of other gear and began loading my own. I like having the ability to load exactly what I want, and exactly what will cycle my rifles properly. I've got a few thousand rounds stocked up and that would have never happened if I were buying them pre assembled. This podcast is great for the new reloader.


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