Reloading Podcast 091 - Casting Series Part 2: Safety

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Tonight the guys are talking about the safety equipment needed for casting.

  1. Todd Senne: I'm sure you've talked about this before, but I couldn't find an episode in the archives. I have some small primer 45 ACP brass I want to reload for plinking. Can I just use the regular recipe and use the small primer instead of a large? I haven't found any small primer recipes in any of the reloading manuals I have (Lyman, Speer and Lee). Might be a good show topic.  Thanks
  2. Safety Equipment:
    1. Safety glasses or preferably a full face shield
    2. hat (to cover neck)
    3. PANTS (no shorts)
    4. long sleeve Shirt or t-shirt with welding sleeves
    5. gloves (welders gloves or better)
    6. LOCATION is huge.  Do this in a well ventilated area preferably outdoors, or at least in a garage/shed area with great ventilation.  
    7. Exhaust fans of some sort
    8. dust mask/respirator
    9. LeadOff hand soap


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Thank you for listening.


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