RLP 089 - Carroll Pilant from Sierra Bullets

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Tonight the guys are talking with Carroll Pilant from Sierra Bullets.

  1. Michael Chan:Thanks for the show, guys. Question: in the most recent how you talked about measuring from the tip of the case to the ogive, but how does one actually do this? Is there a particualr tool? I have a Hornady Headspace comparator, but this seems to serve a different function. Any help would be welcome. Thanks
  2. Todd Senne: I'm back for another question. I've gotten to the trimming stage in my process. I'm reloading 45acp. The book says trim to .888.  I figured out that my cheap caliper was giving me inaccurate measurements. Most of the cases are now .884-.885.  I assume as long as I'm under the trim length I'm still ok. Is that correct or do I need to trash my brass?
  3. Carroll Pilant From  Sierra Bullets
    1. Phone # 800-223-8799
    2. Tech email links
    3. Sierra Helpful links page


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