RLP 085 - 22lr dies & powder questions

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Tonight the guys are answering questions.

  1. Robert Reid Comment: Question on 22lr resizing dies. Hi Guys, I love the show, I'm slowly working through the back episodes, I'm up to ep. 38. I want to get into reloading and have picked up a mec 600jr and a rcbs rock chucker. My intention is to reload 45/70 for my handi rifle, however on a whim i purchased the Waltz 22lr re-sizing die. Originally I wanted the Waltz kit because of the custom enlarged hollow points. Now i'm thinking it might be a good way to get comfortable running the press, and i recently had issues with a batch of Remington .22lr (bucket o' bullets) that jammed in my butler creek steel lips magazines. The bullets are so loose I can spin them on the case! I thought Jim might have good insight with his machinist background and swaging projects. I know there is no substitute for reading the manual, however it is easier to listen to you guys during my commute than read a manual.
  2. John OvermanPowder measure question I have heard two different theories on where to mount a powder measure. I am not a match shooter, just a normal paper plinking guy. I have a Redding T7. I want to mount my Measure on my press with a case activated drop. I've heard there could be issues with settling. Do you guys have any advice on this?
  3. Mike Ray; Really enjoy the podcast. I was hoping to re-listen/pay attention to some of the tips Jeremy gives about reloading - measuring case capacity and such. I didn't locate that when searching for the podcasts - can you let me know which episodes may contain that? I'm going to start with 062 - I think Jeremy's first podcast, but I know there was more information in more recent ones. Great show, always a pleasure to listen,


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