RLP 081 - Stop the presses

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Today the guys are answering a few questions.


  1. From a member of The Reloading Room, and a Reloading Podcast listener by the name of Robert Hollandsworth.  
    1. I am a regular listener to the podcast and member of The Reloading Room Facebook page. You just did your reset on loading bottlenecked cartridges. For new listeners you may want to do a reset on the different types of presses, the pro’s and the cons. Along the same line a deeper discussion of setting up and running each type of press. For example. I recently purchased a used Dillon Square Deal. With it’s different type of dies it is a bit of its own animal, however, the types and frequency of quality checks will be the same as other progressive presses. I know I start out checking every powder drop, bullet seat and crimp but as I gain confidence in the setup my checks decrease. I am curious how others who use a progressive do their checks. I still load rifle ammo on a turret using it as a single stage so I do my checks much more often.


  1. From a member of The Reloading Room named Brian Takeo Yamasaki
    1. I was just curious as to why you guys chose not to discuss seating depth adjustments in the bottle neck starting over series. Is this considered advanced reloading? At any rate I'd be interested to hear how you guys go about making adjustments after finding a favorable charge weight.


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