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Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Tonight the guys are talking safety.

  • This content is extracted from a posting by a Reloading Room member named John McCall ← Link to his timeline
  1. I'm gonna take a moment to go on a little rant here. I'm a member of several reloading groups and i have seen advice given to new reloaders that has ranged from bad to things that would have resulted in at best a catastrophic failure of the gun and probably serious injury to the shooter. So I'm gonna take a second to talk to new reloaders and offer some friendly advice.
  2. Get a manual, before you even take your press out of the box, read it, understand it, so when you look at load data you understand what is saying.
  3. If you don't have a manual, calipers, scale and case gauge at arm's length and a fire extinguisher within 10 feet, you're not ready to load.
  4. You should have a labeled container for each powder you load with to put bad rounds in , so you can take them apart later and redo them.
  5. If you have any doubt about the quality of a round you've loaded. Don't take a picture of it and post it on facebook asking for opinions. Ain't nobody gonna come cut your meat for you if you blow off you hand. When it doubt don't stick it in your gun. EVER !!!
  6. For the first few thousand rounds stick to the load data in your manuals. Don't get fancy, dont try some strange ass load you saw on the internet (more on that next). Learn to make reliable safe rounds that go bang, learn to make them proficiently, then branch out from there. You wouldn't want a heart surgeon who skipped the first 3 years of medical school and that's basically what you'd be doing.
  7. Never ever trust a load you get off the internet unless you can verify that is somewhat in line with your manuals are telling you. Cause boys and girls i got news for you, these groups get trolls that will purposefully give bad information and some of that information is so bad it could hurt you.
  8. Never have out more than one powder out at a time. Label your powder hopper with the caliber, powder and load data. When you're finished with that load, if your changing powders, put everything up just like you are done for the day. If you want to load using a different powder, go have a soda relax for 20 minutes and then go start from scratch.
  9. Pay attention to what you're doing. Don't try to listen to the radio, watch the kids, or fight with the wife while you're trying to reload. All it takes is a moment of distraction and not paying attention for something to slip by. Reloading should be relaxing, not a test of your multi tasking abilities.
  10. Spot check your work. I do it whenever i refill primers. Takes just a second to caliper and weigh 10 random rounds out of your finished bin. Spot check your powder throws to make sure it hasn't drifted. It's far easier to take them time to check things as you load than it is to pull 500 rounds cause ya didn't.
  11. Never stick anything in your gun you haven't case gauged or plunk tested in the barrel. If you're only firing that load out of one gun “plunk test” it. If you use more than one firearm chambered for the ammo you’re making, spend the 20 bucks for a case gauge. All barrels are not created equal, with a case gauge you at least know you are within spec.
  12. And lastly, if you end up with a squib load or a barrel obstruction dont stick anything else into that gun until you've cleared the barrel, if you do, congrats you've just transformed your gun into a pipe bomb.
  13. These 11 things cover just some of the crazy lunatic bad advice topics I've seen in the last few months . Reloading is a safe, enjoyable, relaxing hobby as long as you're safe. If you're not, you may find yourself needing someone to tie your shoes for you, cause this can and will hurt you if you disrespect it.
  14. Information from Jeremy, about NEVER attempting to create duplex, or triplex loads.


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