RLP 076 starting over, kinda bottleneck

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Tonight the guys are starting over, kinda with bottleneck cartridges.

  1. Starting over: Bottleneck (.308, .223, ?, ???)
  2. Reloading Podcast 058 for equipment
  3. Answering question, again. We do appreciate what y’all’re doing for us, providing the materials we use for the shows!
  4. But first what did you do in guns and or reloading this week?
  5. Kevin Bliss -- When will you be doing shotshell reloading? I don't know anything about it


  1. Steven McQueen -- Robin from Redding is one class act. When I look at my next equipment purchase they will get my consideration for the first time. Thanks for having him on.

(a)Thank you Mr. McQueen for the kind word about Mr. Sharpless, sir. It's appreciated.

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Thank you for listening.

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