RLP 074 - Dropping some knowledge

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio network.   Tonight the guys are dropping some knowledge by answering more questions.


  1. Brian Nelson - Is there any other companies that make dies like Dillon with large a radius on the entry part of the die.
  2. Sean Trudgeon - My question is this I've been reloading with lee classic turret press ever since I was a wee little lad.in fact I love that thing is never done me wrong. I now want a little bit more consistency especially with bullet seating was thinking about the T7 by redding any thoughts or do you just get the competitions seating die and shell holders Thanks again love the podcast really enjoyed the guy from redding
  3. Travis Swanson - i just purchased a .243. i want to reload for precision. What is fire forming. What do i need to know about neck sizing cases to reload and how is it different from my normal .223/ 9mm reloading I do. Can i also get a link for the Reloading Room Forum? Love the show, thanks for the help.
  4. Byron Allen - Reloading 260 rem. where to start? Which bullet weights and powders to start with?  The rifle has a 22” barrel with 1:8 twist.
  5. Dave Matthews - What's the best progressive loader? independent test
  6. Daniel Sonnet - Ok all you long range shooters, bench rest, F-classers. What are the top bits of tooling that you would say give you that edge for long range accuracy? I'm doing pretty well with what I have but always curious and wanting to squeeze the most out of my rifle and load. Dies, bullet pointers, neck turning etc.


Update: Nathan Padget - In Podcast 073, you were talking about a guy who was developing Glock 20 loads. These Glock 20 loads were starting to smear the primer indent. IME, this happens with most striker fired handguns. I have seen in Kahrs, Glocks and XD's. It seems related to pressure. I say this because most of my low pressure start loads do not do this and it is quite pronounced at max loads. Below is a pic showing factory ammo from my XDS. It is typical, IMO. A bigger drag mark is probably too hot. Notice how the primer corners are rounded. I find in 30,000 psi and lower that primer roundness or flatness is non-existent. I can use the primer dent sharpness and drag mark effectively although. Hope this experience of mine is some help to you.


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Thank you for listening.


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