RLP 070 - Jim got lost....

Tonight the guys are answering more questions from the Reloading Room.  

  1. Marc Becker I think this came up before, but not sure. So sorry if a repeat. I'm thinking of keeping my powder locked up in my shed instead of the basement (reloading room). Any danger to this?
  2. Marc Becker  Why do i have to check every case before reloading
  3. Jason Campbell Seems after two (2) reloads in my .308 Laupa brass (first experience with Lapua), they will no long hold a primer. Worked up to 45.1 gr of 4064 pushing a Hornady 178 Match bullet. 45.1 gr had the accuracy, consistent fps, and no signs of extreme pressure observed by me or the veteran reloader I was with. Thoughts? These were shot in a Savage model 10 with 20" barrel.
  4. Allen Tabor I crimped a .223 case to where it just fit a large Pistol primer right, then cut it off and glued it on this alum tube... works good, was needed in a tight space

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Tip of the week:  Stay hydrated(no booze) and if you know you are going to be out in hot weather, start drinking extra fluids a few days early.


D.R. Long Range concepts


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