RLP 064 - Starting over, kinda Powder II

Tonight the guys are talking about powder and answering more questions.

  1. Benjamin Casatelli Would like an episode on powder drops, bushings and baffles to further explain use and accuracy of measurement. Do u have any info on poly coated bullets and the benefits. Do they really help with leading and would it be better with glock barrels. Love the show. Thank you.
  2. Mark Rinaldi Quantify in order of benefit what matters most for precision. I.e-consistency in powder, bullet, case, concentricity, etc... What should new precision shooters focus on to bring them into the competitive range? Feel free to discuss elements other than the reload; stocks, barrels, triggers, rests, etc…
  3. Steve Jones via messenger: How to choose the correct powder/ how to use a burn rate chart
  4. Why are there so many different types of powder and how do I choose which one to try?
  5. Hey Guys,Can you explain in detail how shooters sort cases based on how much water they hold?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Stay Classy, Ron Burgundy   Slam Fire Radio

  6. Jeremys casting recap
  7. Tempilaq for Annealing


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