RLP 058 - What do I need?

Tonight the guys are talking about the equipment you need to start reloading.  

Anthony Fields

Well you all can officially call me a window licker now. I officially got my first case stuck in the sizing die of my 223 set. Should I remove it myself by drilling and tapping then use washers like the reloading podcast fellas explained or should I send it back to Hornady and have them remove it.



  1. ABC's of Reloading 9th ed
  2. Reloading Manuals
  3. Reloading Starter kits
    1. Lee Breech lock hand Reloader kit   $66.78
    2. Lee Breech Lock kit          $124.79
    3. RCBS Partner Press kit   $166.99
    4. Hornady LnL classic Kit   $271.99
    5. Lyman T-Mag Master Kit  $385.49
  4. Equipment list needed:
    1. Single Stage Reloading Press
    2. Reloading Scale (preferably a beam scale, rather than electronic to start out with.)
    3. Uniflow Powder Measure
    4. Powder Trickler
    5. Hand Priming Toolg
    6. Case loading block
    7. Dial/Electronic Calipers
    8. case trimmers
    9. Case deburring tool
    10. T-handle Hex key set
    11. Case lubes
    12. Powder funnel
  5. Dies
    1. What cartridge/caliber?
    2. manufacturer of dies

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Thank you for listening.

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