RLP 056 - Starting Over, kinda

Tonight the guys are starting over by talking about reasons to reload.  

  1. Comment: Thank you for a great show - Can you discuss the advantages/disadvantages of shooting high bullet weight 223/5.56 or switching to .300 BLK and a low bullet weight for cartridge. Example 77 gr .224 vs 90 gr .308 given similar case capacities.  Applications are steel target at 300 yds and hunting whitetail deer to 150 yds. Thank you for all the great info you send out through the podcast.           JR Walker
  2. Why should I get into reloading?
    1. Cost saving per round/shoot more for same money
    2. improved accuracy
    3. preparation for various reasons
    4. custom loads not available off the shelf
    5. its fun



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