RLP 054 - Answering more listener questions

Tonight the guys are answering more listener questions.  

Vareck Walla: I chambered a few reloaded 308 rounds in my M&P 10 and it marked the bullet (scratch at the top). bullet picLooks like the start of the rifling or maybe scraping the lower part of the chamber. Is this normal? The COAL is 2.800 (a hair under) using new brass and hornady match 168 gr. Chambered 5 and all 5 made the same mark. Thanks.

Jerry S. France:  When you say they have been swaged , what are you sayings been done?

Dave Short:  I will be new to reloading in the hopefully not too distant future and wanted to know how many of you load large magnum rifle cartridges in a progressive? I can't afford 2 presses, 1 single stage for the rifle and a progressive for all my handguns. Is it problematic to run a 300 RUM in a progressive? I am considering either Hornady or Dillon maybe RCBS

Chad Campell: Question on tumbling...What does everyone tumble with to make their brass shine? I use walnut shells with some NuFinish, and they look okay, but I've seen some here that look like they could win awards.

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Thank you for listening.


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