RLP 053 - Hardness of Lead Alloys

Tonight the guys are discussing bullet alloy hardness.

  • Lyman #2 alloy is 90% lead, 5% tin, and 5% antimony, the easiest and simplest way to make it, is to use 9 pounds of pure lead, and a 1 pound bar of 50/50 solder which contains a significant amount of antimony.
  • Linotype is composed of lead with 4% tin and 12% antimony. It’s considered by most to be too hard and too expensive to use for bullets undiluted.
  • Stereotype alloy 7% tin 15% antimony 78% lead, more durable intended for long print runs and curved printing plates.
  • Monotype is 10% tin 16% antimony 74% lead.  Hardest of the 3 and of course the most expensive.
  • The principal concept is to understand that what’s important here is bullet fit, and bullet hardness can be, and should be matched to the pressures that will be built up in the chamber of your gun when fired.
  • Links to a couple of YouTube videos on Hardness testing:
  • Video #1
  • video #2 video #3


  • Question: Shot 5 shot groups at 200 yds mixed with ladder test. The most accurate group was outside a vertical node. It was most accurate but not in cluster of other loads. Do you go w midpoint of vert node or best group. 308 168 amax re15 at 200 yds test. Best group 44 gr but best node was 42.5-43.5. 44 grain was .4 Moa which was 1/2 size of other groups.  #2. Second ladder with varget showed tightest group dead center of node. If this is the case do you still trickle all your loads since wiggle room looks decent .2 gr up and downPlease remember to use the affiliate links for Amazon, Brownells, and Sinclair.  it really does help the show and the network.

Thank you for listening.

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