RLP 052 - Powder Mirror

Tonight the guys have Richard Lawley inventor of the Powder Mirror, and another couple facebook questions to answer. Powder mirror:  www.powdermirror.com Powder mirror on Ebay powder mirror on amazon Powder mirror on facebook


Hello Mr. Fleming, I've recently become addicted to your podcast show and have really enjoyed the information and the friendly manner in which you address the many types of questions involved with reloading. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your expertise with me when you had a moment. I've been attempting to work up a load for a new CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical chambered in 9mm.  In preparation to do so I measured it's chamber length by developing a dummy round (no powder or primer).  With the 124 grain, Berry's Flat Point, Hollow base plated bullets, which are the bullets I am creating a ladder for, I'm getting a COAL of 1.053 for the cartridge to hold the bullet just off the rifling of the barrel.  This seems especially short to me.  If I am to have .015 of tolerance, that would put me at a working COAL of 1.038. Compared to a 124 grain Gold Dot Hollow point which seems to chamber just fine at a COAL of 1.121 with approximately .192 of seating depth into a trimmed (.745) piece of federal brass.  The Berry's 124 grain FPHB would be seated .251 into the same piece of brass which concerns me as far as pressure and decreased volume.  I suppose, my questions are as follows.

  1. Does this COAL (1.038 for the Berry's 124 grain FPHB) seem too short to be safe with a starting charge of 4 grains of unique powder in a federal case trimmed to .745 and a CCI 500 small pistol primer?
  2. Also, is there a minimum safe COAL for loading particular cartridges, in this case a 9mm Luger/Parabellum?


  1. Robert Ledbetter  I am really trying to fine tune my reloads. But my question is about brass ...do i need to separate my brass by manufacturers or does it matter?


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