RLP 048 - Definitions

Tonight the guys are talking about some terminology and explaining the meanings.  

Definitions can be found at Texas Guntalk Forums


  1. Single Stage Press
  2. Turrent Press
  3. Progressive Press
  4. Full Length sizing Die
  5. Neck Sizing die
  6. Small Base sizing die
  7. C.O.A.L. Cartridge over all Length
  8. Once Fired brass
  9. Fire forming Brass
  10. Chamferring
  11. De-burring
  12. Flash Hole De-burring
  13. Wildcatting/Ackley Improved…
  14. Ogive
  15. Meplat
  16. Bullet types…
  17. Obturation
  18. Shank
  19. bullet diameter
  20. Burn Rate
  21. Types of Powders
  22. seating depth
  23. Over book
  24. Pressure Signs

The Brass winner is Charles H Mousseau Jr

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Thank you for listening.

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