RLP 046 - Do I really need to clean that brass

Tonight the guys are answering another question posted on the Reloading Podcast Facebook page and one from the Reloading Room on Facebook Wheeler Reticle leveling system

Question in Reloading Podcast is from Rooki Fivfivsix

  1. If I save my brass after a shooting session for future reloading, should I clean em right away or can I store dirty brass for a long period of time?
  2. Can I reload brass from a 55 grain round and convert it to a 62, 72 grain?
  3. I forgot the rest of the questions sorry but I will write em all down and post them later.

One last thing I wanted to ask if anyone wants to answer this.



Question from the Reloading Room is from Ken Fries…

Ok something is bugging the crap out of me for the last week.... My dad and I both load for .308 and both use Varget... Same weight bullets (150g sp) one book says max 44.6 another says 46.9 for varget.... I loaded 40 which is about middle for my hornady book and dad loaded close to max from the website.... Here's the thing... He had a few primers that looked like possibly started to flatten.... As did I. His were mixed brass mine was ppu and Winchester brass I noticed with ppu I was showing some flat primers... Could difference in brass cause this or am I just looney?

  1. Rooki Q1.  Saving brass w/o Cleaning
  2. Rooki Q2.  Can I reload a 55gr case with another gr bullet

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  1. Kens question on flattening primers in ppc brass.  We found out after the show Ken is using magnum primers, so that would definitely contribute to the problems he is seeing.


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