RLP 044 - Reloading Cast Boolits

Tonight the guys answer a question from last week and then finish up the 3rd part of casting bullets  

We have a suggestion from Tim: Comment: HI guys,  enjoyed your casting podcasts. i was surprised that you didn’t mention zinc wheel weights. These are fairly common and will melt with lead. Zinc will ruin your alloy for suitability for casting Boolits. Please mention this on air or newbies will have a bad experience. Zinc is easily identified by sound or zn stampings.

Thanks Tim W

First off, what is a Cast Boolit?

It's really rather simple: cast bullets are merely something that you can buy and reload. Same thing applies to jacketed bullets, you buy them, reload them, and done. However, Cast Boolits are a product of care, time, love, sweat, tears, and sometimes even a drop of blood is possible. "The Grand Galena, the ore that's used to create the final product we use, refined and extracted by the heat of the Silver Stream. That's where Cast Boolits come from.

Anyway, reloading cast boolits is a bit different than jacketed bullets. #1 Cast Boolits are more fragile than jacketed are. By that I'm saying care has to taken to not shave lead from the heels and sides of the bullets. #2 proper fit in the gun's bore is critical to being able to get proper performance out of them.

use Lyman #2  alloy for proper hardness to minimize leadding of the barrel

Bullet obturation

PB Blocker

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Thank you for listening.

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