RLP 043 - Casting Bullets pt II

Tonight the guys continue our 3 part series on casting bullets

  1. Get your ingots ready, as discussed in the previous podcast.
  2. Equipment needed
    1. Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, (newest edition is Volume IV.)
    2. Lead pot, preferably a bottom pouring pot
    3. Safety equipment, (PPE) same as in last podcast.
    4. Flux, sawdust, crayons, candlewax, borax, automotive grease, etc.
    5. Stirring wand/spoon (a long handled iced teaspoon is excellent)
    6. Screwdriver for turning the needle valve.
  1.  Mould Equipment needed:
  1. What are you going to cast for handguns or rifle bullets?
  2. Mould handles, some are not changeable, some can be changed for two cavity four cavities or even six cavities.
  3. Rifle moulds are usually one or two cavities. Handgun moulds can be as much as 10 cavities
  4. Where to get moulds: Lee Precision, NOE Moulds, RCBS makes moulds to this day, MidwayUSA, MP Mould- Slovenia, various suppliers, Accurate Moulds out of the state of Utah, Ballista-Cast.
  5. A "knocker" stick, or a rubber/plastic mallet.
  6. Heavy denim or canvas "catch pad" or 5 gallon bucket with water.
  7. Jim prefers Liquid Alox style lubricants, other folks prefer to use a Lubri-sizer with hard/firm lubricant.
  8. Rifle bullets require gas checks because of higher velocities. If this is the case, a sizing die of some kind is needed to squeeze the gas check on.
  9. Different methods of sizing.
  10. Push through dies, this is where you would apply gas checks.
  11. Lyman lubricator size 450
  12. DONE!



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Thank you for listening.

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