RLP 042 - Preparation for Casting Bullets

Tonight Jim and Mike are talking about the process for acquiring lead, rendering scrap lead, for eventually casting bullets

  1. acquiring lead.
    1. New
      1. Rotometals (can supply antimony and tin)
    2. recycled,
      1. Wheel weights (getting harder to find as places are switching to other metals)
      2. other casters (Facebook Group Cast Bullets & Bullet Casting, eBay)
      3. recycling centers (scrap yards)
      4. old Linotype
  2. Tools
    1. Heat source
    2. rendering pot (must be substantial you’re going to be putting a lot of heavy metal in the thing!)
    3. slotted spoon chefs grade
    4. safety equipment (Personal Protective Equipment aka PPE)
    5. ingot pans
    6. locking pliers and adjusting pliers
    7. ladle 1cup ladle is about 2 lb. of lead
    8. ball peen hammer
    9. Well ventilated area, preferably outside
  3. storage
    1. Kitty litter buckets
    2. five gallon buckets
    3. milk crates
    4. if at all possible keep the lead alloy bone dry.


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Thank you for listening.

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