RLP 027 - Shotshell Reloading Intro

Tonight the guys are starting on the basics of reloading shotshells.ammo_shotshell Basics:

Hulls= the empty shot shell either brand new or used

Shot=the pellets or bbs usually made of lead that are the projectile

Wad=Made of traditionally cloth or paper, but now also made of plastic with an extra cup for holding shot, this is what separates the powder from the shot.  (80’s track of you gotta keep ‘em separated now will play in your mind….)

Powder:the boom stuff…

Even though the presses have 4-7 different stations, you must manually move the hull from station to station to facilitate reloading so therefore the press is still considered a single stage.

Basic process really is similar to metallic reloading with a few differences.

  • First, you don’t clean the hulls prior to reloading.
  • still have to deprime, then prime the hulls, but almost always done on the press, not really any decent options for priming the hulls off press.
  • still resize the hulls while depriming.
  • powder, then wad, then shot are all loaded in the same station,
  • two stage for crimping the hull which actually re-seals the hull end holding all the fun stuff in.
  • there are also paper hulls which some people still reload.


Some Presses

MEC Powder bushing chart

MEC homepage


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