RLP 021-Ryan Michad joins us

Tonight Jason Trumbo, Jim Fleming, Scott Kelly and Mike Iselin are joined by that world famous handgunner Ryan Michad of Handgun Radio.  The guys will be talking about black powder reloading and loading for Cowboy action Shooting.  

Case Prep

  • Black Powder loads vs Smokeless
    • Smokeless powder will oftentimes fill only a small fraction of the larger cases such as .38 Special, .44-40 and .45 Colt. These cartridges were originally designed as blackpowder cartridges, and required the large case volume to get the desired velocity.
    • Loading blackpowder into brass cartridges isn’t hard, but you do need to be aware of what you MUST do to ensure safe, functional loads.
    • Blackpowder cartridge loads MUST have NO AIRSPACE! The blackpowder should touch the base of the bullet when seated. If you must do reduced blackpowder loads, a filler such as cream of wheat can be used to help fill up the remaining case volume and ensure there is no airspace.
    • Smokeless powder loads are much more dense than blackpowder loads. Therefore, in “large” cases such as the .38 Special, position sensitivity may be an issue. The powder Trail Boss was developed to help alleviate these concerns and it is marketed specifically towards those people in the CAS shooting sports. It is a great powder that somewhat mimics the bulkiness of blackpowder and allows for more case volume to be taken up which reduces position sensitivity and ignition issues.

Powder types

  • Smokeless powder
    • Trail Boss
    • HP38 - Basically the same thing as WIN 231, but from a different manufacturer (ALWAYS FOLLOW THE LOADING INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUALS) It is a more dense powder than Trail Boss, but can be useful in smaller cartridges such as the .32-20 or .32 H&R. In CAS the minimum caliber for cartridge guns is .32 and the maximum is .45, with percussion revolvers having caliber requirements of .36 caliber minimum, .45 caliber maximum.
    • WIN231
  • Black Powder
    • different types and substitutes.
    • filler cream of wheat, cornmeal,


  • Cast
    • round nose
    • wadcutter
    • hollow point
  • Non-Cast
    • Jacketed
    • hollow point
    • other types

CB Bullets

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