RLP 005 - Case Prep


Jim and Mike talk about the process for case prep today. Inspect the cases

  • Check for neck damage
  • Check case for dents

Clean the cases

Decide to deprime before cleaning?  Lee Precision Decapping Die

How to clean?

  • Style of cleaning: Wet vs Dry…

Soaking  Lemi-shine and Dawn, or other metal polish…

Power: Vibration vs Sonic vs Stainless tumbling

Vibration, Hornady M-2Lyman 2200, Lyman various sizes

Media Walnut materialLyman tumbling media

Sonic, Hornady Lock N Load Sonic,RCBS Ultrasonic

Stainless, Thumler's Tumbler setHornady Sidewinder

Trim cases to proper length after resizing

Check case length

“AR .30-06” thread in The Reloading Room link:The Reloading Room AR .30-06