Precision Rifle Podcast 111 - Rangefinders Kestrel and SHOT


This week's show we talk with Nick Vitalbo and Austin Wilcox about rangefinders and Kestrel metersrecision Rifle Podcast 111 - Rangefinders Kestrel and SHOT

What we did this week.

  • Kirk is back from training for a while
  • Get in on the steel target giveaway below!!

Stuff we talked about!

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PRP 042 - Interview with Applied Ballistics

This weeks show we talk with Nick and Bryan with Applied Ballisticslitz  

PRP 042 - Interview with Applied Ballistics

What we did this week


  • Kirk went up north and shot a little bit.
  • Dan had Gunsmith Jake thread a rifle for him
  • The brass annealer is almost complete!
  • Kirk started building a trauma kit to keep with at the range.
  • Bryan Litz was in Montana figuring stuff out for his line of Applied Ballistic Munitions.
  • Bryan also talks about his new line of AR projectiles.

This week we talk about Applied Ballistics

  • They are starting a munitions company
  • The kesteral companion if you have an android
  • you can find his first books here!
  • and his new one here!


You can get a hold of Gunsmith Jake at 1-715-241-0598


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