PRP 017 - Gadgets and Applied Ballistics

Gadgets and Applied Ballisticsrange bag

What we did this week.

  • froze in -20 degree temps
  • Kirk now has contacts/glasses
  • ordered bullets
  • ordered a tripod for videos
  • loaded some .270 and tumbled brass
  • ordered new brass
  • Dan got a bunch of .243 brass and bullets.
  • Traded the Savage
  • Ordered a Vortex Razor HD, but we will talk about that in a bit.

Main Topic

Gadgets that can make long range shooting easier

  • kestrel / wind meter
  • towel of some sort
  • bags for support
  • range finder
  • bullseye target camera
  • spotting scope
  • Shooting Mat
  • Range bag
  • Dan’s range bag

Dan scope shopping and what he is looking for in an optic for himself

  • first focal plane
  • magnification range
  • price
  • reticle choice

Applied Ballistics DVD

  • Very informative and easy to watch
  • Bryan Litz is a genius
  • a TON of math

check out the applied ballistics website here!

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