PRP 015 - Bullet Selection and Indoor Training


Bullet Selection and Indoor Training

bullet selection.


What we did this week.


  • Kirk took a youngster shooting

  • Kirk finally got the bryan litz book and DVD sets

  • Dan started reloading .243

  • Dan refreshed his kids knowledge of an AK

  • Remembering Mikhail Kalashnikov.

  • Didn't shave my beard

Main Topic

Bullet selection for accurate shooting

  • High BC, high like snoop lion.
  • Rounder the better
  • How heavy they are
  • Sierra Matchking
  • Hornady Boat tail hollow point match
  • Hornady A-Max
  • Nosler Custom Competition
  • Berger VLD Target


New record longest shot taken in Afghanistan at 2815 meters. read the article here


Training you can do indoors at home for free!

  • Practice your trigger press
  • Work on your breathing
  • Quarter test
  • Speed press
  • “Snap in” Get a good target and just dry fire while practicing all of the basic fundamentals.


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