PRP 014 - Fundamentals and Ballistic AE

Shooting fundamentals and Ballistics AE

What we did this week.

  • We worked on audio quality! Slowly but surely we’re getting better at this podcasting thing!dan episode 14

  • Kirk changed his mind on the 175 sierra match kings, they group great after some real load development.

  • Dan is learning how to drive big trucks.

  • Dan did some minor gunsmithing. (AKA he cleaned one haha)


Main Topic

Shooting Fundamentals

  • Breathing
  • Trigger Squeeze
  • Natural point of aim.
  • Bone structure for support. No muscling the gun
  • Be comfortable
  • Positions- Prone, sitting and standing

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Ballistic AE / Ballistic calculators

  • Load development
  • Bullet selection
  • Trueing your load for velocity
  • Max point blank

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