PRP 012 - Suppressors and Facebook

Open - Kirk and Dan talk about the last 2 weeks. (sorry for missing a show!)


Episode 12.

  • A little bit of reloading
  • some deer hunting
  • a little more deer hunting
  • shotguns?

Suppressor talk

Thunderbeast 30BA

AAC CanU. Silencer informationimage (1)

  • Pros

  • Improved accuracy
  • lower recoil
  • no need for hearing protection
  • no muzzle flash in low light shooting
  • looks cool
  • cons

  • heavy
  • point of impact shift
  • taxes/cost
  • jumping through hoops
  • added length to gun


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We are going to try a new thing with facebook where any of the listeners can send us a question on facebook and we will put it up as a status where everyone that likes the page can comment and help out! can be related to anything shooting and will be posted on Thursdays throughout the day!


1000 yard rifle built on a 2x4


cold bore vs. warm bore listener email. basically people think it was a thing of the past or more for rifles with barrels of low quality moving while warming up and changing the point of impact.

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