PTS 093 - I Swear To GAWD It Is!

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On this episode we will be discussing the Jesse's, ya know, kinda broken 1911, shoulder holsters, leather holsters, revolvers, emotions with guns and gear, and we go over 2 listener emails.

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Email From Listeners:

I suffer from chronic pain and I'm under the care of a pain management specialist.  I was in a major crushing accident 6 years ago where I broke my lower spine in 5 vertebrae, my neck in 2 vertebrae, and my hip.  After 6 surgeries, lots of titanium and screws, too many procedures to count, and years of physical therapy, there is not much else that can be done.  I will be on pain medication for the rest of my life unless some new procedure is developed.

I'm on a couple of different narcotic pain meds, the strongest of which (100 mcg/hr Fentanyl pain patches) is ten times stronger than Morphine.  The other narcotic medication is for break through pain, but I try my best not to take it because of the damage it causes to the liver.

Being a concealed carrying citizen, I realize that I am responsible for every bullet that exits my barrel.  But if I was involved in a justified self-defense shooting, could a prosecutor use my pain medication against me?  I have been on these meds for almost 7 years, so I have no side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision, cognitive impairment, etc.  As a matter of fact, I am a very active competitive shooter, I drive a vehicle daily, and I fly airplanes.  My pain management doctor knows that I carry a firearm and that I'm a pilot but has never cautioned me about doing these things on meds.  I am confident in my mental and physical abilities when carrying, but I know how criminal prosecutors can be.

I took a class from Massad Ayoob last year and asked about the fact that a blow to the face or head could lead to another cervical spine fracture quite easily.  He told me that since I am more likely to suffer serious bodily harm or death from a punch to the jaw then I have the right to use deadly force before your average person based on "disparity of force".  I didn't think to ask him about the pain medication at the time, so I'm glad the other Practically Tactical listener brought it up.

Thanks for the great podcast and relative information.  Stay vigilant.

  • Jeremy


Great to see Jesse and Jeff are joining you in a full time capacity. Wanted to suggest doing a show on verbals and de-escalation.

- Garrett in NH

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