PTS 056 - So You Wanna Be A Firearms Instructor?

Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 56 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical show is a

slightly more practical approach to the firearms lifestyle. The features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the best firearms instructors and figures in the firearms industry. On this episode we will be discussing “So You Wanna Be A Firearms Instructor?” with a loaded panel that includes

Glenn from Immediate Action Concepts

Gabe from Crucible Defensive Training

Adam from Shield and Sword Academy

Operator’s Report



Main Segment

  1. Everyone’s History
  2. What made you become a firearms instructor?
    1. What steps did you take?
    2. When did you think you were “ready”
  3. How and what to train when you are a firearms instructor.
    1. Instructors need to continue to train themselves right?
  4. What is good firearms training?
  5. Don't teach what you don't know.
  6. Don't put out videos that involve "sneak peeks" at training, future classes,  or tacticool videos.


Gear Segment (We Didn't Make It To This Segment)

Nick: Grip Stop

Adam: HoloSun Red Dot from Primary Arms

Glenn: Mission 22

Gabe: Commander Muzzle Break

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Thank you so much for coming onto our show this week. So let’s take some time now to discuss what we have coming up with each of us in the near future and where you can find us on the mysterious interwebs...

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