PTS 084 - Competition AR15s with Craig Outzen

Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 84 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical show is a slightly more practical approach to the firearms lifestyle. This show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the best firearms instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry. On this episode we will be discussing Competition AR15s in 3Gun with Craig Outzen. Mor Information On Craig:


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What role does the ar15 play in 3 Gun?

How is it used?

What is generally shot?

Generally, how does the shotgun A course work?

  • AR15
  • Barrel
  • 16 or 18”
  • Match Grade?
  • Fluted?
  • What Barrel Material?
  • CHF, Cut, or Button?
  • Cmp Barrels / Breaks
  • Handguard
  • Trigger
  • BCG
  • Optics/Sights
  • what is your zero
  • do you adjust?Mil
  • Bullets


YouTube Questions:

  • Militaristics
    • other question, what zero does he use for 223? I use a 50-225 zero with my AR and 55-62 gr so i can keep a +/- 2.5" hit zone out just past 200 yds with no hold over/under to worry about
  • Militaristics
    • does that sort of zero work for competition work out to 200 or does he zero at 100 and use a reticle for hold over?
  • Victor Gold
    • As a competitor shooting for several years consecutively, how do you maintain your focus and drive?  How do you balance all the other demands of life with your match schedule?  What kps you coming back
  • Kc Pratt
    • Can Craig explain where he sets the power on his U.S. Optic scope according to the rifle targets he's shooting in a stage? Like 50yrd to 150 to 250yrd...
  • Militaristics
    • does he use a JP captive buffer system?
  • EveryDay Carrying
    • Does Craig always run the same optic?
  • Militaristics
    • question, does he use any sort of low mass operating systems in his AR15's and why or why not

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