PTS 014 - Peter Palma and Hank Strange

Friend of the show Peter Palma shows us the forsale version of MS Clean and the bullpup king himself Hank Strange comes back on to reminisce about the 80s!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.07.33 PMPractically Tactical - Episode 14

Date: February 5, 2013

Start Time: 7PM CST

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory


Peter Palma

Special Co-Host:

Hank Strange's YouTube Channel

Hank Strange's Facebook Page

Tonight’s show features Peter Palma, a contestant from the show Top Shot, as well as the inventor of the product, MS Clean. The only thing cooler than Peter Palma shooting a fully automatic machine gun was the mullet that he rocked during the 80s.

We also have a special co-host on this week as well. We have Hank Strange on the show. The only man who can rock the Mr. T mohawk and the only person who purchased his Mr. T’s record album “ be Somebody… or be somebody’s fool.”


HGN: Lets start by introducing myself and Matt. I run a gun channel on YouTube as well as a Facebook page. I also love wearing tie dye t-shirts, watching Ghostbusters, and bringing back the word tunular! As usual, I am joined by my co-host Matt. Hows it going Matt?

WA: Hey Everyone I’m Matt from the WalkerArmory...I am your lovely co-host for this fine evening...I also run a gun youtube channel at the WalkerArmory as well as a facebook page. I enjoy long walks on the beach, shooting pistol competitions, and enjoy playing music in my parents basement with my 80’s cover band.


HGN’s Segment - Jungle Love

Our first segment of tonight is called, Jungle Love, because we wanna get to..KNOW YA KNOW YA..So in this segment, we learn a little bit about our guests on tonight’s show.

  • Peter can you tell us about your background?

    • How did the 80s treat ya Peter?

    • Marines, More Marines, Top Shot, Podcast Celebrity. I miss anything?

    • Whats up with that Jerkoff who threw one of your MS Clean down some stairs? I think we should kick his butt.

  • Hank can you tell us about your background?

    • What’s up Mr. T?

    • How did the 80s treat ya?


WA’s Segment - Here comes the BOOM!

During this segment we will talk about all things guns, gear, and glory. We’ll also discuss Peter’s struggle with his music career during the 80’s with his rock band, The Leaky Plumbers…



  • Alright Peter, so recently you got an awesome shipment in of the first run of your new product you designed, the MS Clean. For those who may not know what it is, can you tell us a what it is exactly and why you designed it?
  • I’m sure there’s a lot of positive well as negative feedback. Some people are still concerned that someone may accidentally mistake their cleaning kit for an actual magazine in the heat of a would you respond to them?
  • Last time you were on the show we also talked about you being on the TV show, Top Shot…
  • Can you talk about the differences between shooting a semi-automatic and shooting in full auto? How do you approach and handle a full-auto differently than a semi auto gun?
  • Have there been any guns you have gotten to use that have just completely blown you away and impressed you?
  • Any disappointed you?



  • You are the world renowned Bullpup king...can you tell us how exactly you got that title?
  • This was your first year at SHOT this’ve got a lot of great videos that I saw come out of that...along with a 9mm Tavor conversion kit...what do you think of the 9mm Tavor VS. the 5.56 Tavor?
  • You also seem to have a little bit of Kel-Tec fetish going on at times...what were your impressions about the RMR30 that Kel-tec announced? Have you ever gotten to play with the pistol version PMR30?
  • And of course being the bullpup king you also got an inside look into the Desert Tech MDR...what is going on with that? Better or worse than Tavor?



HANK: Special Co-Host Segment: Don’t You Forget About Me

Our next segment is called “Don’t you forget about me” because Hank Strange is our awesome co-host who CAN’T be forgotten. So now it’s his turn to have the floor with his own segment. What are we talking about tonight Hank?



WA’s Segment: Rapid Fire

Alright guys that sound means it’s time to move on to our next segment, RAPID FIRE. The rules of this segment are simple: I will ask you a series of questions and you answer yes or no..there are no explanations allowed...simply a yes or no. Here we go.


  • Do you like the Barrett .50 cal?
  • Is plumbing a recreational activity for you?
  • Do you think the .380 is a suitable self-defense cartridge?
  • Does Glock make the best handgun ever?
  • Have you ever shot a Desert Eagle?
  • Would you buy the Glock 42?
  • Is Kirsten Joy Weiss a better rifle shot than you?
  • If Top Shot was rifles only, would you have won?


  • Is the Tavor your favorite rifle?
  • Do you find HGN attractive?
  • Do you like the 9mm Tavor better than the 5.56?
  • Did you have a fro in your younger days?
  • is the 9mm better than the .40S&W
  • Is the Kel-Tec P3AT better than the Glock 42?
  • Did Lola Strange make you sleep on the couch last week?



HGN’s Segment: Live Audience Questions - We’re not gonna take it!


HGN’s Segment - Never Gonna Give You Up

Let’s move on to our next segment, Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...we’re gonna use this segment to talk about some gear we got this week or saw this week that impressed us...or didn’t if the case may be...

HGN: Santa Cruz Gun Lock

WA: Benny Hill compensator


Peter: MS Clean: MS Clean Kit


Segment: Live Audience Questions



WA’s Segment: Another one bites the dust!

Lets move on to our last segment called, Another one bites the dust. This is the segment where we end our show listening to the classics and reminiscing on the good ‘ole 3 years of my life. 

So, lets talk about what we have released and what we have coming up on each of our channels:

  • Hank, I know you guys are always staying busy over there in the Strange nation...what do you guys having coming up with you?
  • Peter, you guys are busy with the MS Clean getting that out I’m sure...what can we be expecting from you guys in the near future??


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