PTS 101 - Cecil Burch Of Immediate Action Combatives

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Show Notes

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Main Segment

  • Cecil Burch - A little bit of background on yourself please
  • Why Jiu Jitsu for Self Defense?
  • DVD with PDN on basic Jiu Jitsu
  • Downsides to only grappling arts?  ie. multiple opponents, weapons based environment.  How does the traditional BJJ practitioner prepare or train for that?
  • Pugilism - boxing, muay thai, savate... What are your thoughts on the importance of striking?  
  • Recommendations for first time martial students?
  • Your EDC… because everyone wants to know
  • How have the martial arts changed your life?

Get  Your Ass Kicked!

Win or Learn

Magic Karate:

Ryan Hall Video:

Jesse Article YouTube Questions:

Jay Beal

Cecil, would you talk about different "survival positions" and escapes like an upa and a hip escape?

durus 5995

Cecil is there a thought process you go through with during threat assessment?

Functional Gentleman

Questin about IFWA.  Do people with strong BJJ backgrounds wait too long to pull out weapons because their so comfortable with rolling on the ground?  If so how do you fix that?

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