PTS 096 - Craig Douglas of Shivworks

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On this episode we special guest Craig Douglas of Shivworks.


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Main Segment

  • Craig’s Background
  • Shivworks name and emblem.  What does it mean?
  • Where the current curriculum for ECQC came from
  • ECQC, is it that hard a class?  Lots of injuries? Do people die?
    • Actually having to touch people.
  • What does Craig carry?
  • What are your recommendations for someone starting out in the combatives/unarmed side of things?
  • How important is the role of a ground game when you look at self defense?
  • is there such a thing as an unarmed person?
  • Strength training- you recently got heavily involved in this.  Good, bad, should everyone?
  • What medical kit should someone carry with them?

ShivWorks Clinch Pick

Question From Patreon:

Chris Hand -

Many of us are creeping into our 40's and 50's possibly even 60's. Considering age and various infirmities, what would be the benefits and drawbacks of a course like ECQC or other combatives class?

Scott Jedi -

What strengths do you find BJJ/Grapplers have during ECQC? What weaknesses/pitfalls do you find BJJ/Grapplers have during ECQC? What do you find to be the best “finishing” techniques (other than shooting or stabbing) strikes, joint locks, or chokes? What role do takedowns play in ECQC from a defensive standpoint? Please list the martial arts in rank of effectiveness for ECQC in your opinion.

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