PTS 102 - Introduction To Concealed Carry

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  • What makes a good holster?
  • How do you you chose one?
  • Belt
  • What makes a good belt?
  • How do you choose one?


  • What makes a good concealed carry gun?
  • How do you choose one?
  • What else should be part of your foundation?

Trek from MDFI Trifecta For Concealed Carry Success:

Condition 2 1911 Guy Shoot's his hand: (Warning. Its nasty)


Patreon Questions


How do you choose the best concealed carry position for your firearm?

How to choose best concealed carry pistol? So many reviews and opinions out there make it hard to figure it out.

What to look for in a good EDC belt and holster.

Email Quesiton:


Hey Nick,

Recently got into listening to your podcast and have to say I love it. Your diverse crew of experts is great and I am very impressed by their use of common sense and logic to discuss all topics of training, political, laws, etc. It is a refreshing voice in a subject that often swings towards the extremes of either side. I have been going through your back catalog on iTunes and YouTube and it is both educational and thoroughly entertaining.

I have been finishing my MBA & living in Paris for the last 4 months, lost several people from my school in the attacks, and will be returning to the States in late December. I have been trying to educate myself on firearms ownership and the laws and regulations of my locality as well as on the current issues, the news media has not been kind as i'm sure you are aware of. Podcasts and Youtube have been a great asset but the forums I read have seemed to be less reliable/ consistent in content, many devolving into screaming about laws and opinions rather than staying on topic.

To give you a bit of background, I live in Westchester County, NY and currently work in NYC in the financial industry. I've been shooting since I was 12 in the Boy Scouts, never have owned a gun, & my girlfriend is also interested in shooting too. This past year I got into hunting; archery because of the restrictive laws around my county. As you may know, next to NYC, Westchester is one of the hardest places in the state to get a pistol permit, saying nothing to getting a conceal carry permit. Throw in the SAFE Act & other major restrictions to ownership and usage it is a legal minefield and I am terrified to even start the process.

I know that I will be inheriting 1 lever action rifle & 2 shotguns from my grandfather in the near future, they are older hunting guns, and I am interested in owning a handgun and getting into the firearms training community. Would you do an episode focused on living and carrying in highly restrictive counties/ cities? I know Jeff is in/ around Philly and operates in my metro area from time to time, so I'm sure he has some great insight on the topic.

Thanks again and please continue to make these great shows.



Kurt Holtzen

Any carry specific clothing manufactures that you would recommend ?


  • Favorite belts?
  • Any thoughts about carry in the Northern climates


  • what are your guys thought in the m&p shield 40


  • +1 on favorite belts , esp those that don't look overly tacticool



What's your process when you have to stop somewhere where you can't carry? Do you leave your gun in the car? trunk? small safe in your car?

Kurt Holtzen

Firearm size ... round count vs comfort ?


Is there ever a time for off body carry? What you would recommend to women who just refuse to carry on their body and want to make use of their purse?

Ed Johnston

So would you carry a hollow point or better round in the chamber then a couple of ball loads after that

durus 5995

Question how much stock do you put in internet talk about a certain gun.  For example all the talk about early gen 4 glocks

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