PTS 040 - BEEPING Game Show Episode

PTS 028 - You Bought A Gun, Now What With Weaponcraft and FourGuysGuns

This episode is for new gun owners or people thinking about purchasing a gun for the first time. FourGuysGuns and firearms instructor Nic from Weaponcraft give advice to new people!

HGN: Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 28 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical Show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the brightest minds in the firearms industry. Don’t forget, you can also watch our show LIVE on Wednesday nights at 7PM CST.


Main Segment 

Backtrack a bit and talk about what to buy

  • ammo
  • security
  • gear
  • Holster
  • cleaning
  • training


Segment: Live Audience Questions

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times! Also, feel free to email with your question!



In this segment we will talk about some gear that we like, or has impressed us, or maybe hate.

HGN: Why I Hate Gander Mountain

Nic: Incog Holster


Segment: Live Audience Questions

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times! Also, feel free to email with your question!


Practically Tactical:OnTarget Coming Soon!


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Well as always guys, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!


PTS 017 - FourGuysGuns

 FourGuysGuns talks with us about all things FGG, the HiperTouch 24C trigger, Forest City Tactical Delta Holsters, Howard Leight Impact, and TheGunBox.

Practically Tactical - Episode 17

Date: February 26, 2013

Start Time: 8PM CST

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory

Guest: Whitey and Lou From FourGuysGuns



HGN:  Welcome to Practically Tactical! This is our show streaming to you from the Vermont state highway patrol station!

HGN: Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 17! This week’s theme is the movie Super Troopers..Do you want me to Punchisize your face, for free?  We are talking with our special guests Farva and Mac from Four Guys Guns..I mean Whitey and Lou from Four Guys Guns. While we are on the subject, we need a moment of silence for Monkey from FGG. He had a very untimely death due to food poisoning from the Tactical Bacon in a can that Lou bought him for Christmas. Forever in our hearts Monkey.

Usually we open the introduction with something funny, but Whitey is actually the Vermont State Syrup Chugging Champion, so I don’t think I can top that, but I will try. Whitey is known for firearms videos on YouTube, his art of dance with jazz hand interpretation, and knows the precise formula for eliminating lice with powdered sugar.

WA: Along with Farva, I mean Whitey, we have Lou. Lou is known for breaking tools and using roofing nails, driving stolen Miatas, and he also wears a bulletproof cup 24/7 and has a johnny chimpo tattoo on his right butt cheek...don’t ask me how I know this.

HGN: On this episode we will be talking about all things Four Guys Guns, the Hiperfire HiperTouch 24C trigger, Forest City Tactical delta holsters, Odin Works Rail, Lou’s Box and much stay tuned.

WA: For the new listeners, Practically Tactical is a show about guns, gear, and shooting, where each week we feature a special guest or two and usually a guest co-host. Next week we are going to blow up the interwebs with a trainer showdown, mortal kombat style, between Jeff Bloovman from Amed Dynamics and Sam from Range Time Tactical.

HGN: Lets start by introducing myself and then Matt. I run a YouTube channel and Facebook page, both called handgunnewbie. I love solving crimes with my pals of drinking buddies, pistol whipping people who say “Shennanigans”, and giving dudes mustache rides...wait, what, who wrote this?. As usual, I am joined by my co-host Matt.

WA: Hey Everyone I’m Matt from the WalkerArmory...I am your lovely co-host for this fine evening...I also run a gun youtube channel at the WalkerArmory as well as a facebook page. I enjoy high speed chases, wrestling pigs in mobile homes, and popping viagras and issuing tickets with raging, mega-huge...ok seriously...did the WeLikeShooting guys get a hold of and edit this crap?!


WA’s Segment - Who can say MEOW The Most

Lets start the show right meow with our first segment of tonight called, Who can say meow the most, starting right meow. So in this segment, we’re going to learn a little bit about our two guests on tonight’s show. MEOW!

  • How did you get Into firearms?
  •  Do you have any “specialties”?
  •  Rifle or pistol preference?
  •  Whitey you looked like you had a ton of fun in the WeLikeShooting shootout challenge when it was -5 out huh? What did you shoot (gun and optic)?



HGN’s Segment - Getting shot in the crotch

Alright guys lets move on to our segment called Getting Shot In The Crotch. How did that feel Mac?

During this segment we will talk about all things guns, gear, and issuing speeding tickets to german tourists in stolen vehicles.


Why did you guys decide to start a YouTube channel?

  • How did FGG start?

  • FGG Model

  • Motto?

  • What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do because of YouTube?

  • Who is who in the FGG logo?


HGN’s Segment: Live Audience Questions -

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience.


WA’s Segment: Rapid Fire

Alright to move on to our next segment, RAPID FIRE. The rules of this segment are simple: I will ask you a series of questions and you answer yes or no..there are no explanations allowed...simply a yes or no. Here we go.


  • Is the AR better than the AK
  • Have you converted a screen door into a boat?
  • Is the 9mm better than .40s&w
  • Do real men only buy sasquatch approved items?
  • Are polymer lowers any good for building an AR?
  • Do roofing nails work just as good as punches on pins in firearms?


  • Is the .380 a suitable cartridge for self-defense?
  • Do you have more pairs of mechanix gloves than your wife has pairs of shoes?
  • Is the M&P line better than the Glock line?
  • Do only real men drink Raspberry Lime Seltzer?
  • Is stippling better than grip tape?
  • Is Ebbs a better kisser than Chaos311Clarity?


Alright let’s move on to the next part of this game. This game is a little bit different...instead of having a question that is answered with a YES or NO, you will answer these questions with the first answer that pops in your head. You are still not allowed to explain...just the first answer that comes to mind...both of you will be answering these questions at the same time...Are you ready?

  • What is your favorite handgun?
  • What is your favorite rifle?
  • What is your favorite shotgun?
  • Favorite optic?
  • What is your favorite caliber?
  • Weapon accessories...light or laser?
  • If you had to pick one, would it be an SBR or a Suppressor?
  • What is your most wanted handgun to shoot that you haven’t yet?
  • What is your most wanted rifle to shoot that you haven't yet?



 HGN’s Segment - These snozberries taste like snozberries!

Let’s move on to our next segment where we’re going to talk about some gear we got this week or saw this week that impressed us...or didn’t if the case may be cause I ate two bags of shrooms...These snozberries taste like snozberries!

HGN: Forest City Tactical Delta Holster

 WA: Hipertouch 24C

Whitey: Howard Leight Impact Sport

Lou: TheGunBox


Additional Topics:





Segment: Live Audience Questions



WA’s Segment:  Sorry about that, these boys get that syrup in them and they get all antsy in their pantsy

Lets move on to our last segment of the night where we are all going to chug a bottle of syrup, just remember, don’t forget to cup the balls.





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